• Student Conduct & Community Standards

    Our mission is to promote responsible decision-making that fosters student-centered learning and accountability in alignment with community values and expectations.

  • Student Conduct & Community Standards

    The department promotes Environmental Wellness by developing an awareness of safety and the environment that surrounds you and enhancing your relationship with it.

  • Upholding Community Standards

    Our office addresses allegations involving students who may have violated the Student and Student Organization Conduct Codes.

  • Student Leadership Opportunities

    Students can apply to serve on the Student Conduct Board beginning in the Spring semester.

  • Student Leadership Opportunities

    Ethics Workshop Presentations are available for students who wish to learn more about ethical decision making.

  • Maintaining Student Conduct Records

    Students will work with our office to certify their student conduct record with future grad schools or potential employers.

Student Conduct and Community Standards

The Department of Student Conduct and Community Standards is a component of the Health, Wellness, and Safety portfolio of the Division of Student Affairs. Our department is responsible for upholding community behavior standards and educating FSU students on how to responsibly engage with the FSU community.

More Information:

Apply to Serve on the Student Conduct Board!

What is the Student Conduct Board?
Student Conduct Board (SCB) is a group of individuals from the Florida State student community tasked with upholding our community standards and the Student Conduct Code. Conduct Boards hold their peers accountable to these standards by working as an option within the student conduct process.

Why should I apply?
Student Conduct Board is a distinguished opportunity to serve our community. As a member, you will receive training on the conduct process, improve skills of leadership and professional development, and receive exposure to the inner workings of Florida State University.

  • The application consists of four short-answer questions and a resume.
  • You must have at least a 2.50 GPA to be eligible to serve on the board.
  • A letter of reference is NOT required.




Florida Board of Governors Statement of Free Expression

The State University System of Florida and its twelve public postsecondary institutions adopt this Statement on Free Expression to support and encourage full and open discourse and the robust exchange of ideas and perspectives on our respective campuses...