• Photo of orientation leaders stopped in front of a residency hall while touring with students through campus


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 Student Conduct & Community Standards
282 Champions Way, UCA 4100
P.O. Box 3062440
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2440

Student Conduct & Community Standards Staff

Name & Title Office Location Email Address
K.C. White
Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards
A4106 kwhite6@fsu.edu
Jordan Stone
Assistant Dean
A4105 jmstone@fsu.edu

Tiera Mason
Assistant Director for Title IX Conduct



Jeff Bates
Assistant Director for Conflict Resolution
A4103 jeff.bates@fsu.edu
Natalie Mineer
Coordinator for Organization Conduct
A4104 nmineer@fsu.edu
Ravi Bhatt
Graduate Assistant
A4100 rbhatt2@fsu.edu

Makenna Campbell-Hutts
Graduate Assistant